In October 14-15, the team participated to the “TOR de France” conference. Guillaume Canaud delivered a lecture on new developments for PIK3CA-Related overgrowth spectrom and the team presented a poster on the Impact of PIK3CA Gain-of-function mutation in renal and proximal tubular cells.

What is the “Tor de France” ?

Target Of Rapamycin (TOR) pathway has an evolutionary conserved role in the control of growth, metabolism, stress response, survival and ageing.

Currently “TOR de France” is a unique conference series in the world entirely devoted to field of “Target Of Rapamycin” signaling, nutrition, growth, metabolism, development. The “TOR de France” meeting gathers students, postdocs, research group leaders and medical doctors working on various aspects of TOR biology and the applications in medicine, pharmacology, human health. This pluridiplinary approach allows new and fruitful feedbacks on everyone’s work and have proven to foster innovative collaborations.

After the success of the first edition in 2018, the “TOR de France” 2021 meeting will cover multiple areas of research on TOR:

  • Molecular mechanisms of cell growth control
  • Genetic alterations of TOR pathway in human diseases
  • Link between caloric restriction and ageing
  • Therapeutic strategies to modulate TOR pathway in cancer, metabolic syndromes and other diseases

The scientific committee comprises 13 recognized French scientists working on the TOR field. Four International leaders on the TOR biology are invited as keynote speakers and ten scientists working in French Academic Institutions and Hospitals will present their latest work. In addition to the poster session, the scientific committee will select several short oral presentations from submitted abstracts.

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